Thursday, April 14, 2011

Atlantica Online: Making even more money from your TBS Missions

In Atlantica Online TBS Missions there is a small trick to earn more than just your regular mission run. Its obvious but probably many did not think about it.

There are certain missions (here examples of HP and FT) where there are gates spawning mobs every about 5-6 turns. When running your mission you can choose to "farm" these.

Now in these examples you for sure want to take out Gate One, otherwise your mission may be in danger, but given that everything is going ok and you are ahead of time you can easily "farm" Gate Two locations by simply quickly skipping turns and keep killing the mobs that come out of the gates.

In Flame Thrower for example 3 mobs come out of Gate 2. A cannon, a bow and a sword. Sometimes I see an extra bow. If you ambush this spawn with your mercs (+seth) you get to kill these mobs and loot.

The loot can be something silly of course, but as you know in missions the drop rates are way better. You can farm Evil Imprints, Divine Boxes and more.

Given that you have practiced the mission a lot and are comfortable with it, you can take some time farming these locations and then complete the mission.

Can easily cash in at least 20-30 mil extra if not a whole lot more.

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Andrez Akbar said...

in flame trower solo mode is there 2 summon portal? i nerver did this TBS before so i need enough info before run this mission