Friday, October 1, 2010

Atlantica Online: G1cannon's Level 2 Furniture & Decoration Crafting List

Hey everyone, in this post I am sharing with you my own list for Level 1 house items (furniture and decorations) which require regular level mats from the house facility.

A lot of work has gone to make this list that I am just handing to you - hope its appreciated. Enjoy.

Please take into account level 5 hammer cost of 100k which I did not incorporate in the list, not to distort things.

For those who need help on how to use it:
REQ = insight level needed for using the item
FIXED COST = for those items which are available on the market at fixed cost how much that is
CRAFT COST = not available on market, this is cost of crafting it (with prices of that day when i made it)
COMFORT / CULTURE = the amount how much that item gives of those things
VALUE FOR MONEY = how much each comfort/culture point will cost in millions
PROFIT/LOSS = how much you will make or lose if you dismantle and sell soul stones
DISMANTLE AVERAGE = based on the data collected how many soul stones you can expect to receive

If you do not see full picture click on the picture then zoom in!
If u find mistakes mail me (not whisper!) ingame or leave a comment here. Thanks.

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Luis said...

Nice list! When i break stuff i will mail it to you G1.